Jurisdiction: UK

Casework date: January 24, 2017  | Status: Ongoing, Resolved  |  PILS' role(s): Litigation Fund  |  Jurisdiction(s): Northern Ireland, UK  |  Legal action: Judicial Review  |  Area(s) of law: Brexit

Agnew and Others

The Supreme Court ruled that Parliament must authorise the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union. PILS Members: Jones, Cassidy and Brett Solicitors,  Committee on the Administration of Justice and The Human Rights Consortium were applicants in the case.

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Casework date: April 17, 2019  | Status: Resolved  |  PILS' role(s): Awareness  |  Jurisdiction(s): UK  |  Legal action: Judicial Review  |  Area(s) of law: Social Security

No green light for Protective Costs Orders in private law cases

Costs, especially fear of costs associated with unsuccessful legal action, are understandably a major factor that can put people off pursuing a public interest case. The PILS Project was set up to break down...

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