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PILS Update newsletter - March 2024

This edition has the latest news our on the #CleanAirNI case, the links you need to register for our #ClimateJustice CPD and news on who our next #TBFNI podcast guest is…

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PILS Update newsletter - February 2024

This issue contains news of legal wins by Conradh na Gaeilige, CAJ and Law Centre NI, a riveting podcast conversation with EJNI and a list of #IWD2024 events.

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PILS Update newsletter - Jan 2024

The first edition of the Update in 2024 is a busy one!

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PILS Update newsletter - September 2023

This issue features a round-up of #CleanAirNI’s first day in court, news of legal resistance to the Legacy Act, and the launch of our new PILS podcast mini-series!

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PILS Update newsletter - August 2023

All the latest PILS updates including our #CleanAirNI case getting its day in court, support for Conradh na Gaeilge and local environmental campaigners, and some podcast news…

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Launching in autumn 2023...

PILS Update newsletter - July 2023

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"The concept of claiming asylum in the UK has essentially been wiped out in one fell swoop."

Maria's post in full

PILS Update Newsletter - June 2023

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Refugee Week 2023 - Human Rights and the Illegal Bill on Migration

This hybrid meeting, hosted by Dr. Gillian Kane of the Transitional Justice Institute, was filmed on Fri 23 June 2023 @ Ulster University.

PILS Update newsletter - May 2023

Day 1 #NoGasCaverns @ High Court

PILS' reaction to the Illegal Migration Bill

PILS Update newsletter - April 2023

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If you're wondering where to start with the UN process, we've got a guide for that!

PILS Update newsletter - February 2023

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Day of the Endangered Lawyer 2023

24 January is International Day of the Endangered Lawyer.

It’s a moment to reflect on the need to protect those who speak out, expose injustice and use the law to hold those in positions of power to account.

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PILS @ the QFT

PILS Update newsletter - Nov 2022

Featuring PILS @ NIHRF 2022, a film screening on climate justice, and news of a vital Law Centre NI legal challenge that PILS are backing.

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Webinar: Intersections between Human Rights and Climate Justice

Organised by The PILS Project to celebrate UK Pro Bono Week 2022, this webinar looked at the developing area of rights-based climate litigation.

Law Centre NI challenges decision to deny Cost of Living payment

PILS Update newsletter - Oct 2022

Featuring the #NGOLegalGuides Belfast launch, reflections from the PILnet Forum and your invite to join our UK Pro Bono Week webinar.

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#NGOLegalGuides Belfast launch

ICYMI: QUB's LawPod is recruiting

PILS Blog: What's in a name?

Judicial review is our legal accountability and scrutiny tool. It needs to be protected, not watered down.

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PILS Update newsletter - summer 2022

Featuring a tribute to Lorraine Cox, reaction to the Rights Removal Bill and PILS’ brand new website.

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The Law Society of NI's human rights group reacts to 'Rights Removal Bill'

PILS x Activist Lawyer

Episode 25 in the Activist Lawyer podcast series – featuring The PILS Project – is out now!

After listening to Bryan Stevenson, what’s next?

Image of Bryan Stevenson

During his online conversation with PILS at Feile 2021, renowned US public interest lawyer Bryan Stevenson spoke about how communities that have been marginalised and discriminated against are finding their voices.

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Webinar: The Truth about Pro Bono

Seeking to build on the momentum generated in our UK Pro Bono Week webinar, PILS organised The Truth about Pro Bono on 12 November.

New Justice Agenda highlights urgent priorities

The Law Society of Northern Ireland, the professional body for the solicitor profession, is urging the new Executive to ensure Access to Justice is a priority after the 5 May elections.

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Bryan Stevenson & PILS @ Féile 2021

As part of Féile 2021, The PILS Project welcomed renowned US public interest lawyer Bryan Stevenson (virtually) to Belfast for a one-off evening of conversation about the law as a tool for change.

Missed the live event? Catch up with the exclusive Q&A session where Bryan shared personal reflections on everything from the vital ingredients of justice in 2021, to dealing with the past, and what leaders in Northern Ireland can do to ensure positive peace.

2021 - a year in the life of the PILS Project