Case status: Ongoing

Casework date: March 16, 2023  | Status: Ongoing  |  PILS' role(s): Litigation Fund, Pro Bono Register  |  Jurisdiction(s): Northern Ireland  |  Legal action: Tribunal  |  Area(s) of law: Immigration

Appeals against Home Office refusal to reunite separated family

These appeals are challenging the UK Home Office’s refusal of applications for family reunion in the UK, made by an Afghan family who have fled their home following threats made against them. PILS member:...

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Casework date: January 24, 2017  | Status: Ongoing, Resolved  |  PILS' role(s): Litigation Fund  |  Jurisdiction(s): Northern Ireland, UK  |  Legal action: Judicial Review  |  Area(s) of law: Brexit

Agnew and Others

The Supreme Court ruled that Parliament must authorise the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union. PILS Members: Jones, Cassidy and Brett Solicitors,  Committee on the Administration of Justice and The Human Rights Consortium were applicants in the case.

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