Pro bono matters

Lorraine Cox

Date of publication: July 7, 2020
This matter has developed into casework:
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This judicial review challenged the six-month life expectancy rule for terminally ill social security claimants.

PILS Member: Law Centre NI

The Pro Bono Register is a community of legal practitioners in Northern Ireland who have pledged to share their expertise with PILS’ NGO and solicitor members in matters of public interest.

What initially started as a request from the Law Centre NI for pro bono support then developed into a full-scale judicial review:

  • Before proceedings ever commenced in court, counsel from the PILS Pro Bono Register provided a legal opinion on the merits of a judicial review.
  • Along with PILS, they held consultation meetings with the Law Centre’s legal team to discuss the opinion’s findings and what the next steps (for the NGO and Lorraine) could be.

As the Law Centre’s legal team worked with Lorraine, her case developed.

Click the link above to read more about the legal proceedings that developed from this initial pro bono collaboration.