Advancing human rights and equality
through public interest litigation

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Impact Report 2019

The first-ever PILS Project Impact Report is intended to give readers a flavour of the work we have been doing to support public interest litigation in NI since 2009.

This report goes behind the scenes of ten years of the PILS Project. We are defining impact as the difference that having PILS involved (in a big or small way) made to our members’ work. This effect should be positive and have resulted in change that reaches beyond one person, for a wider transformation.

Litigation by its very nature can be a long and drawn out process. So we recognise that several of the stories in this report are not finished yet. It can be a little bit harder to quantify the impact of a piece of legal work, as often the change it creates takes time to reveal itself. Powerful judgments need to be elevated off paper and into people’s lives and this again takes time.

This impact report will hopefully demonstrate what advancing human rights and equality through public interest legal work looks like in practice. And the best way to do that is for us to let our members’ experiences tell the story, with beautiful illustrations from the creative design team at Us Folk

Click here to download a pdf copy of the Impact Report.

We hope you enjoy it!