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Air quality campaigners hope new Minister will be a breath of fresh air

The landmark #CleanAirNI legal challenge returns to court on Friday 01 March 2024.

New PILS podcast goes live!

To Be Fair NI is Northern Ireland’s podcast celebrating the activists and allies using the law to change lives.

Created by The PILS Project, the series will bring you into the very heart of our organisation’s work.

To Be Fair NI is available wherever you get your podcasts.

Landmark challenge to stop 17-year long air quality failure underway

Friends of the Earth NI, supported by The PILS Project, are taking legal proceedings to compel the Department to recommence testing as soon as possible.

Court grants NI’s children and young people right to be heard in landmark air quality case

The High Court has confirmed that the Northern Ireland Commissioner for Children and Young People can intervene in the ongoing Clean Air NI challenge.

‘Everyday acts of peace' celebrated at Oh, Sister! Belfast screening.

As the Good Friday Agreement turns 25, PILS and The Nobel Women’s Initiative joined forces to to shine a light on the experiences of local women in peace building.

Green light for legal challenge over NI’s MOT emissions testing scandal

Friends of the Earth has teamed up with PILS to bring challenge a long-running and dangerous air quality failing.

Telling the story of The PILS Project

Watch our members, Pro Bono Register volunteers, supporters and staff describe PILS’ evolution.

User-friendly guides on legal tools for NGOs

Developed as part of a cross-border pro bono initiative, these guides introduce human rights organisations from Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland to five legal tools.

A decade of impact: 10 key PILS collaborations

See what public interest litigation looks like in practice in our Impact Report.

Exclusive Q&A with Bryan Stevenson

The legendary US public interest lawyer joined PILS for a conversation about justice, peace and using law as a tool for change.

The PILS Project stands for ‘Public Interest Litigation Support’.

We are Northern Ireland’s first and only legal project dedicated to helping local NGOs and legal professionals to build public interest litigation.

These are life-changing legal cases that create positive impact, not just for one person, but for communities across Northern Ireland.

Find out more.

Latest news and events

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Legal challenge: Air quality campaigners hope new Minister will be a breath of fresh air. 

​The landmark #CleanAirNI legal challenge returns to court today (01 March 2024), as Northern Ireland’s latest Infrastructure Minister is settling...

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‘Scandalous and Vexatious’: Defamation law for activists and campaigners

Event Date(s): February 29, 2024  | Time: 10.30
Event Type: Hybrid (mix of both)
Event Venue: UNISON (165 York St, Belfast, BT15 1GD) or online

Speaking out against injustice is part of a human rights campaigner’s daily life. But how can you avoid leaving yourself...

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Tribunal decision lifts shroud of secrecy on Council decision-making

The PILS Project’s reaction to Tribunal ruling on bilingual signage legal advice

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The PIL Toolkit

The PIL Toolkit demystifies the process of engaging in public interest litigation for human rights NGOs.

An Introduction to Public Interest Litigation

Litigation is simply the process of taking legal action before the courts, or another judicial decision-maker. There isn't a single globally agreed upon definition of Public Interest Litigation. Learn about how PILS defines public interest litigation and how to identify a public interest element in an issue that your organisation...
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PILS Toolkit logo

Pre-Litigation Considerations

This section of the Toolkit outlines the questions that your organisation should ask itself before bringing any kind of legal action. Your answers to these questions will help you determine whether your organisation is prepared and equipped to pursue litigation.
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PILS Toolkit logo

Engaging with an Ombudsman

An ombudsman is an independent, impartial, and free service that investigates and resolves complaints against particular public bodies or organisations. Many organisations have a specific ombudsman appointed to look into complaints. Could engaging with an ombudsman be appropriate for your organisation or service user?
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