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The PILS Project is a ‘funder of last resort’.

This means that, as a member, your organisation can apply for free legal and financial support services for public interest cases that otherwise would not proceed any further.

There are no duties or formal obligations associated with becoming a member.*

Once your application is approved, your organisation will be able to apply for a range of PILS services, all designed to support public interest cases with human rights and equality issues at their core.

This includes:

  • PILS’ Litigation Fund: indemnities to cover the other side’s costs; court fees; printing costs; travel expenses; expert reports
  • Legal support: advice and/or representation from PILS’ own solicitor; pro bono legal opinions and/or representation in court (sourced via the PILS Pro Bono Register);
  • Specialist help:  bespoke research projects; events or trainings run for PILS members
"Why become a PILS member? The fact that you have the reassurance.

If you need to take litigation or if you need legal expertise, that you have somewhere you can go first and foremost. It’s that security blanket that PILS can give you… ”
Fiona Cole, Mencap NI (now NICCY)

*Human rights NGOs and solicitor firms who join PILS in this way do not become a ‘member’ of PILS for company law purposes.