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through public interest litigation

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What services do PILS provide?

There is no such thing as a typical application for support. Our NGO and solicitor members represent such a wide range of interests that no two requests are ever the same. Our members’ needs might change over time, for example an initial request for a pro bono legal opinion could turn into a public interest case, requiring financial support.

For that reason, the PILS Project team offer the following range of services to our members to help them use the law in the most strategic way possible.

  1. Legal support
  2. Direct legal representation
  3. Direct training from PILS
  4. The Pro Bono Register
  5. Direct financial assistance

*** In response to COVID-19, PILS expanded our usual Pro Bono Register services in 2020. If you are a PILS member, we are now offering your organisation the opportunity to ask specific COVID-19 legal questions during a free 1-2-1 call with a specialist solicitor. Click here to learn more. ***

Legal support

If one of our members are facing legal barriers, the PILS Project can provide our members with varying levels of support.

Direct legal representation

If one of our NGO members has a human rights or equality concern that is a clear public interest issue and they have a strong case, then they can ask the PILS Project to act as their solicitor in a legal challenge.   

The PILS Project’s Solicitor can act on our member’s behalf, helping them through the legal journey. They will offer legal advice and instruct a barrister in any court case. They can also organise meetings or case conferences with the member organisation.

Direct training from PILS

All training requests submitted by our members are reviewed by the PILS Project staff.

Pro Bono Register

The PILS Pro Bono Register is an initiative, run and managed by the PILS Project, designed to encourage the growth of pro bono work among the legal community in Northern Ireland.

Direct financial assistance

The PILS Project was set up to tackle obstacles that prevent people accessing justice – including financial barriers. The expense of filing documents with the court, paying a legal team, or being liable for the other side’s costs if you are not successful are barriers for most people.


When you know which service your organisation would like to use, then it's time to get in touch with PILS!