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Rights of Offenders

Supreme Court affirms the need for filtering of old and minor convictions

On 18th June the Supreme Court upheld an earlier ruling by the Court of Appeal that certain past minor cautions and convictions should not be disclosed in criminal records checks.

Criminal Law, Disclosure, Enhanced Criminal Records Checks, Rights of Offenders

Operation Exposure Not A Contravention Of Rights

The High Court of Northern Ireland has found that publication in local newspapers of photographs of young people suspected of rioting in 2010 was necessary for the administration of justice and was not a ‘name and shame’ policy. In 2009, in order to identify those involved in rioting in Derry/Londonderry, the police used CCTV images and engaged the community in identifying some of the young people by publishing the images in local newspapers, in what was called ‘Operation Exposure’.

Criminal Law, Rights of Offenders