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RHI boiler owners granted leave to judicially review decision to publish names

The High Court granted leave to hundreds of Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) boiler owners to judicially review government plans to publish their names.

The RHI scheme was set up to encourage businesses and other non-domestic users to move from using fossil fuels to renewable heating schemes.  However, the contracts permitted users to financially profit from the schemes by enabling them to earn £1.60 for every £1 of fuel burned.  This led to many users burning fuel unnecessarily for the purpose of making a substantial profit.

Disclosure, Private Information & Data Protection

High Court rules that the right of a claimant to name her abusers prevails over her abusers’ right to private and family life

Disclosure, ECHR Art. 8

European Court of Human Rights held that there is a right to access to information to allow individual to exercise right to freedom of expression

Magyar Helsinki Bizottsag v Hungary (application no. 18030/11)

On the 8th November 2016, the European Court of Human Rights held that there is a right to public access to information where access to the information is instrumental to the individual’s exercise of their right to freedom of expression.


High Court refuses to make order to stop Serious Fraud Office conducting investigations

R (o.t.a Soma Oil & Gas) v Director of the Serious Fraud Office [2016] EWHC 2471

The High Court has dismissed a challenge from Soma, an oil and gas company, to stop the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) from conducting investigations.

Criminal Law, Disclosure

Breach of Article 8 ECHR to require persons to disclose convictions

On 11th May 2016, the High Court held that the statutory framework which requires persons with more than one conviction to automatically disclose them to employers violates Article 8 of the ECHR and is not in accordance with the law.

The background to this case is that the applicant was convicted of a number of seat belt related offences. 

Criminal Law, Disclosure, ECHR Art. 8