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Leave for judicial review of decision to prosecute mother who procured abortion pills for her daughter

The High Court granted leave to judicially review the decision of the PPS to prosecute a mother for procuring abortion pills for her fifteen year old daughter who wanted to terminate her pregnancy.

Criminal Law, Local Developments

High Court dismisses application by people in the Niger Delta to bring action against Shell in the UK

The High Court has ruled that 42,000 people in the Niger Delta affected by oil pollution cannot proceed with a legal challenge in the UK against Shell and its Nigerian subsidiary.

Shell has been responsible for oil spills in the Niger Delta.  The UN’s Environment Programme UNEP researched the destruction and produced a report in 2011.  It found that Shell had not taken sufficient action to clean up and set out initial steps to rectify the damage. 

Other Public Interest Cases

Unlawful to imprison debtor without a proper inquiry into means

R (Woolcock & Bridgend Magistrates Court) v Cardiff Magistrates Court and Brigend County Council [2017] EWHC 34

The High Court found that a single mother who was sent to prison by the Magistrates’ Court for 81 days because she was unable to pay her council tax bill, was unlawfully imprisoned.

Criminal Law

RHI boiler owners granted leave to judicially review decision to publish names

The High Court granted leave to hundreds of Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) boiler owners to judicially review government plans to publish their names.

The RHI scheme was set up to encourage businesses and other non-domestic users to move from using fossil fuels to renewable heating schemes.  However, the contracts permitted users to financially profit from the schemes by enabling them to earn £1.60 for every £1 of fuel burned.  This led to many users burning fuel unnecessarily for the purpose of making a substantial profit.

Disclosure, Private Information & Data Protection

Facebook required to pay damages to flag protester about comments regarding the religion of his children

Private Information & Data Protection