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Nicklinson Right To Die Cases

In a follow-up to a case previously covered by the PILS Update, two severely disabled men and Tony Nicklinson’s widow have taken their cases on assisted suicide to the Court of Appeal of England and Wales. All three appellants want health professionals to be legally protected if they assist people who wish to end their own lives.


High Court Judge Intends To Quash Decision To Continue A5 Project

A High Court judge has confirmed he is minded to quash the decision of a new £330 million dual carriageway project over a failure to carry out an appropriate assessment of the impact of the A5 scheme on special areas of conservation around two rivers.  Work on the 85km of dual carriageway which is to form part of a key cross-border business route linking Dublin and the North West, has been put on hold due to the legal challenge by eighteen farmers, business-men and landowners who joined together under the Alternative A5 Alliance grouping.  Lawyers for the alliance claimed it has now become

Environment Rights & Planning Law

Mau Mau Veterans Given Right to Challenge Abuses Suffered At The Hands Of the British Government

Three Kenyans have been granted the right to sue the British government for alleged abuses sustained during the Mau Mau insurgency, over 50 years ago. The Mau Mau uprising was a military conflict that took place in Kenya in the years between 1952 and 1960.

Veterans' Rights

Landmark Decision On Equal Pay For Birmingham Women

The Supreme Court has decided that some equal pay cases can be brought before the civil courts instead of the employment tribunal. 170 women who have worked for Birmingham City Council did not receive bonuses and launched compensation claims in the high court last year. The city council attempted to have the claims struck out, arguing that they should only be brought  before an employment tribunal.

Employment Law