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Leave granted in gold mining judicial review

The High Court has granted permission for a judicial review to examine potential flaws in a pre-application consultation carried out by a gold mining company.

Permission for the case, against Northern Ireland’s Department of Infrastructure, was granted on the basis that the Department had failed to have regard to material considerations, including flaws in the pre-application community consultation process. 

Environment Rights & Planning Law

ECtHR rejects Irish Government’s request

Case of Ireland v. The United Kingdom ECtHR 5310/71

The European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) has rejected the Irish government’s request to find that the maltreatment of 14 detainees, by the British state during the Troubles, amounted to torture.

Dismissing the request by 6 votes to 1, the ECtHR said that the original judgment, which found that the treatment of the men was inhumane and degrading but not torture, should still stand. 

Other Public Interest Cases

‘Cab rank’ system to be judicially reviewed

On 2nd February the High Court of England and Wales granted permission for a judicial review of a coroner’s policy of applying the ‘cab rank’ rule for dealing with unexplained deaths.


Religious Law

Personal Independence Payments (PIPs) are unlawful and discriminatory

Social Security


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