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Resident group to challenge Council's planning decision  

On 14th November the High Court granted permission to residents to judicially review Belfast City Council’s planning decision to approve a major office development in an inner city housing district. 
Residents in the Markets area of Belfast are opposed to the construction of a multi-storey office block as they claim it will impact negatively on their right to privacy. 
Counsel for the residents group, Liam McCollum QC, stated that the Council’s decision arguably breached privacy entitlements under European law.  He contended that the development would be invasive and would overlook homes in the area,
‘This is a long, historical social housing location going back many years.’
Lawyer for the Council argued that the point about overlooking homes was considered and not found to be an unjustifiable interference. 
Mr Justice McCloskey held that the threshold for granting permission to apply for judicial review had been met by the residents.
The case will be heard in January.      
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