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Police officer disciplined for failure to progress investigation into assault of a child

A police officer was disciplined after a Police Ombudsman investigation found that he did ‘virtually nothing’ to progress an investigation into an assault on a schoolboy who had extensive injuries after being punched and kicked in 2014.

The boy’s mother complained and the Ombudsman found that the officer had made initial inquiries but failed to progress the case for 10 months.  The mother attempted to contact the officer during this time but to no avail as he had given her a number which he did not use.  It had taken almost a year for the officer to secure consent to access the boy’s medical and dental records which he stated he had forgotten about.  He also incorrectly dated a statement taken from the child.  No valid reason was provided.

The Police Ombudsman found that the behaviour was unacceptable and recommended disciplinary action.

Read press release from the Police Ombudsman here.

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