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Mother awarded £9 million in compensation after giving birth to seriously ill son

The High Court of England and Wales has awarded compensation to a mother to raise her baby son who was born with haemophilia.

The mother requested blood tests from her GP to see if she had the disorder after her nephew had been diagnosed with the rare condition.  The GP who analysed the blood tests told her she did not have haemophilia, and therefore she should not be concerned if she became pregnant. 

However, five years later, she gave birth to a baby boy who was diagnosed with the condition.  The blood tests carried out by her GP only determined whether she had haemophilia, not if she carried it.  Had the mother been referred for genetic testing by the GP, she would have undergone checks of her foetus when she fell pregnant.

Two years ago the son was diagnosed with autism which has made treating his haemophilia more complicated. 

The mother told the court that she would have terminated her pregnancy had she known the baby was going to have the condition.

It was agreed that the mother could recover the additional costs of raising her son due to his haemophilia from the GP but it was disputed that this applied to his autism.  The judge, however, ruled that the mother was entitled to the additional costs associated with both conditions and awarded her £9 million in compensation.

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