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Mau Mau Veterans Given Right to Challenge Abuses Suffered At The Hands Of the British Government

Three Kenyans have been granted the right to sue the British government for alleged abuses sustained during the Mau Mau insurgency, over 50 years ago. The Mau Mau uprising was a military conflict that took place in Kenya in the years between 1952 and 1960. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office accepted that abuses had taken place, however, it plans to appeal the High Court decision, resisting the claims for compensation. The FCO stated in its reasoning for the appeal that "The judgment has potentially significant and far-reaching legal implications. The normal time limit for bringing a civil action is three to six years. In this case, that period has been extended to over 50 years despite the fact that the key decision-makers are dead and unable to give their account of what happened. Since this is an important legal issue, we have taken the decision to appeal." It is estimated that another 2,000 Kenyans may come forward to sue the British government. Furthermore, many other men and women across the globe may also consider claims where they had allegedly been imprisoned and mistreated during conflicts at times of gaining independence from British colonial rule.

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