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In the matter of an application by Geraldine Finucane for Judicial Review (Northern Ireland)

Shortly after the UK Supreme Court delivered its judgment on 27 February in her application for judicial review, Geraldine Finucane read a statement on the steps of the court:

My family and I have endured three private police investigations, two confidential documentary reviews, secret government negotiations and a long and difficult court case. We have had to overcome obstacles the likes of which no other family has faced…”.

Her husband, solicitor Pat Finucane, was murdered at their home in 1989 in what became one of the most notorious killings of the Troubles.

A public inquiry into his death (along with another four collusion incidents) was recommended by Judge Peter Cory in 2004. However, in 2011, then prime minister David Cameron announced that a review would take place into the death of Pat Finucane, not a full inquiry.

In a unanimous decision, the UK Supreme Court held that there had not yet been an inquiry into Pat Finucane’s death that complied with Article 2 (right to life) of the European Convention on Human Rights. This relates to the state’s obligation to carry out effective investigations in deaths.

(The PILS Project provided financial support to the Finucane appeal.)  

ECHR Art. 2, Local Developments, Right to Life