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Local case - Disability Discrimination Act · Belfast County Court awards £2,000 to Diabetes sufferer

A Belfast student who has Diabetes was awarded £2000 by Belfast County Court after security guards employed by Eventsec Ltd confiscated a bottle of Lucozade from her at a concert at the Boucher Road playing fields.

Kayla Hanna was told that she was not allowed to bring the bottle of Lucozade into the concert despite explaining to security that the drink was needed to manage her condition. 

With the help of the Equality Commission, Ms Hanna brought a case to Belfast County Court alleging a breach of the Disability Discrimination Act.  The Court made a finding of discrimination and stated that Eventsec had failed to provide a reasonable adjustment to its policy of not allowing liquids to be bought into the concert.

Mary Kitson, of the Equality Commission, said:

‘These are the kind of circumstances in which the reasonable adjustment provisions in the Disability Discrimination Act can be most beneficial.  They are in the Act to ensure that people with disabilities are not denied access to services by reason of general policies which can, in themselves, be otherwise justifiable and necessary.”

Read further commentary from the Equality Commission here.

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