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Leave granted to judicially review request for recordings of testimony of NI conflict

A man who had been formerly linked to the IRA was granted leave to judicially review the PSNI and the Public Prosecution Service for issuing an International Letter of Request (ILOR) concerning recordings held at Boston College.

The facts were that Anthony McIntyre was one of the main researchers in a major project to compile an oral history of the conflict in Northern Ireland.  A large number of testimonies from people with links to loyalist and republican paramilitary organisations, were provided to Boston College.  These were provided by the individuals concerned on the understanding that their accounts would only be made public after their death.  However, legal challenges resulted in police obtaining transcripts and interview tapes by Dolours Price who had links with the IRA and Winston Rea, with links to loyalist organisations. 

The British government has served a subpoena on Boston College seeking copies of Mr McIntyre’s interviews.  The ILOR sets out the alleged offences being investigated.

The High Court granted leave to judicially review the matter and it is anticipated that the full legal hearing will take place in November.

Read BBC News article here.

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