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High Court grants Protective Costs Order to Casement Residents Group

The Moorland and Owenvarragh Residents Association (MORA) have issued judicial review proceedings over the Department of the Environment’s decision to approve a 38,000-seater GAA stadium at Casement Park.

Leave was granted to seek a judicial review on 23rd May and, on 18th June, a Protective Costs Order (PCO), limiting potential liability for opposition fees to £10,000, was also granted to the residents group.

The PCO is extremely important considering that the group, who are not able to access legal aid, has self-financed the challenge.  The vice-chairman of the residents group said:

‘A decision not to grant a PCO would have been ruinous; we simply can’t afford to pay the costs and this has allowed us to progress the case.’

Interesting the Court also agreed to limit the Department of the Environment’s costs to £35,000 in the event that they lose the action. 

For more information on the reasons for the challenge, and the grounds for judicial review, please visit MORA’s Facebook page here

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