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Further legal challenges to the ‘bedroom tax’ in England and Wales

In previous editions of the Update we referred to an unsuccessful legal challenge to the so called ‘bedroom tax’. It would appear that the decision of the High Court has been appealed and will be considered by the Court of Appeal in the near future. In addition to that challenge, a number of other legal actions have been initiated on the same matter.

CPAG are acting on behalf of two grandparents, Martin and Susan Rutherford. Their grandson suffers from very serious cognitive and physical disabilities. He needs 24 hour care to be delivered by 2 people. Carers are required to stay overnight twice a week. Where the spouse or partner of a Housing Benefit claimant requires care, there is a dispensation. There is no such dispensation in relation to children.

LIBERTY has also initiated a legal challenge to the bedroom tax. This challenge relates to the impact of the law changes on parents who have separated and have joint parental responsibilities.

A further judicial review has been taken regarding the adverse impacts of the changes on victims of domestic violence. The claimant in that case, referred to as A, lives with her son in a 3 bedroom house. In addition to a number of alterations made to the property by police, one of the bedrooms has been converted into a ‘panic space’ as a result of the violence experienced at the hands of a former partner.

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