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European Court of Human Rights speaks out about coverage in the UK media

Various organisations have raised concerns on many occasions over how cases involving human rights, whether decided upon by UK courts or Strasbourg, are reported on by the UK media.

In an unusual move, Strasbourg has criticised publicly the way the media has covered the work of the court. The registrar – the Court’s senior lawyer – issued a statement to express his concern over the seriously misleading information appearing in articles in such papers as the Daily Mail on the topics of compensation payable to successful claimants and how judges are appointed to the court.

In relation to the issue of compensation, the articles did not make any distinction between payments towards legal costs and compensation itself. 

The Registrar also took the opportunity to clarify that judges are elected to the court (not appointed) and refuted the allegation that ‘because they are political appointees many of the court’s judges are not even legal experts.’

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