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Casement Park judgment reserved

A judicial review hearing over the Environment Minister’s decision to approve
the £77m Casement Park redevelopment ended on 13th October.  The
complexity of the case is highlighted by the fact that the High Court heard 13
days of legal submissions.  Mr Justice Horner has reserved judgment to allow
time to study all of the arguments before delivering his verdict.

Mooreland and Owenvarragh Residents’ Association (MORA), who issued the
proceedings, oppose the redevelopment as they argue that it will dwarf
surrounding homes, block out light and compound traffic congestion.  

The lengthy proceedings show the importance of securing Protective Costs
Orders (PCO) at the earliest opportunity.  Regardless of the outcome, MORA
will not face a huge legal bill having securing a PCO limiting their potential
liability for opposition fees to £10,000.

We will update you on this case once the judgment has been delivered.

Local Developments, Northern Ireland High Court