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Buick's (Colin) Application as Chair Person of NOARC 21 (2018) NICA 26

The Civil Service will not appeal against the court judgment ruling that a permanent secretary lacked the power to approve a £240m waste incinerator in Mallusk.

The Court of Appeal ruled that only the full Executive could authorise the proposed facilities on the outskirts of north Belfast because they were so significant, controversial and cut across areas of responsibility.  The Court said,
‘It would be contrary to the letter and spirit of the (Good Friday) Agreement and the 1998 (Northern Ireland) Act for such decisions to be made by departments in the absence of a minister.’

On 30th July a spokesperson for the Civil Service confirmed that the judgment would not be appealed,
‘The Department has studied the Court of Appeal ruling on 6 July and will not appeal the judgement.’

Read the BBC’s article here.

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