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Article 9 Religious Rights And Article 14 Prohibition On Discrimination

Case of Eweida and others v The United Kingdom (Applications nos. 48420/10, 59842/10, 51671/10 and 36516/10)

The European Court of Human Rights has ruled on four key cases involving discrimination and religious rights. The case of Eweida and Others v. the United Kingdom (nos. 48420/10, 59842/10, 51671/10 and 36516/10) addresses complaints relating to the visibly wearing of Christian crosses while at work and the refusal to carry out certain duties which were considered to condone homosexuality. The judgment in full can be read at the link above. The hearing is also accessible to watch online here. The background involving religious freedom in the UK as considered by the Strasbourg Court can be found here.

Freedom of Thought, Conscience & Religion