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Budget Cuts and Welfare Reform

Government tuition fees’ raise was not in accordance with equality duties but still lawful

  • Re Hurley and Moore’s Application [2012] EWHC

Judicial review proceedings taken by two A-Level students to the Government’s decision to raise the cap on tuition fees that universities can charge has been unsuccessful.

Budget Cuts & Welfare Reform

Environmental Rights

  • Friends of the Earth challenge to changes to solar panel scheme successful

Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change v Friends of the Earth and others [2012] EWCA Civ 28

The Court of Appeal has held that the Minister for Energy and Climate Change had no power to make a modification to the rules for subsidising small solar power schemes.  This successful case, which was brought by Friends of the Earth in England, will impact on people who signed up for the schemes on the basis that they would receive a higher subsidy rate who, under the changes, would have received lower subsidies.

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